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Therapeutic Yoga


Reduce reoccuring injuries

When yoga postures are introduced in a therapeutic manner, it is nourishing for the body. The postural improvement session helps reduce reoccuring injuries and pain by bringing your body back into its natural alignment. The one-on-one session includes postural assesments, an accessible yoga practice and manual hands-on assist for your individual needs.

In the hectic pace of modern life, we crave the time and space to unwind and relax. This one-on-one session is for you if you are stressed, having insomnia or if you want to learn how to actively relax your body and mind. This yoga practice includes active yoga postures, restorative yoga and simple breathing exercises to bring your body back to a harmonious state.

Notre professeure de yoga

Asami Martens

yoga teacher

Asami has been an avid yoga practitioner since 2006. Yoga stumbled into Asami’s life when darkness had taken over her smile, and offered her refuge. After a regular period of practice, she quickly realized her love for yoga. The practice helped Asami look deep inside of herself, face difficult challenges in her life, and made

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